Our story begins in 2014 with a Corso mix named Zeus.  He was a rescue that I was to find a home for.  Needless to say, he never left my side after that first day and was with us to his last day. 

 I, Alicia, have trained working dogs in the past.  Most recently I've been training both of  my Cane Corso for PTSD and mobility service work.  I love this breeds ability to learn and to realize that they are helping you.  They are able to think and problem solve independently and want to be by your side all the time, unless chasing a ball.  Working with my girls has really opened my eyes to the natural instincts of this breed to care for their owners well being in so many ways.  As a trainer of working dogs, I had never seen this much natural drive for care from any breed I have ever worked with before.  This breed is not only a natural protector of the family, but the level of understanding the Corso has for the emotions and feelings of the family they belong to is beyond my ability to describe.  But, it is something that every Corso owner can understand what I am trying to say.  

My husband Marion, has been a dairy farmer all his life.  He grew up with farm type dogs, such as the border collie.  He had never been around a giant breed of dog until we were given Zeus.  He was dead set that Zeus was not to stay and we both worked hard to find him a forever home.  Long story short, Zeus found his way into our hearts.  He went to work every day with us at the dairy.  He learned how to help us on his own in day to day chores.  For example, he would carry empty buckets back after feeding, and when we put out round bales of hay he would pull the strings from the bales after we cut them.  He truly earned his place in our hearts.  After Zeus, we got a  pure Corso.  Marion and myself, continued to fall in love with this breed thru our next Corso, Chaka.   After getting Chaka, my back started going out.   So, her training as a mobility service dog began.  My life would be so limited without her.  She helps me be more independent, and allows Marion to do his work on the farm, and  not be at my side every second of the day.  Raven came in to our home help Chaka get some down time.  I am telling you this so you can see where his love and respect of this breed comes from.  The intelligence, understanding, and drive to help their families is remarkable.  

I can no longer help Marion with the farm or work daily on any job because of my back issues.  However,  I go insane  doing nothing all day every day, as I am not the type to do nothing.  So, we decided to help preserve and maintain both the outer and inner beauty of the Cane Corso, and share the love we found from them. 

We work together to find and breed the best bloodlines to preserve the health, mind, and structure of the Cane Corso.  We strive to better each generation we produce.