Here at Mystic Mountain Cane Corso, we strive to produce better puppies with each litter we breed. Our research starts with pedigrees. When we look at pedigrees we are looking for parents who have been health tested for generations. Pedigrees also show us if the generations have been strictly show dogs or working dogs. We like to see a good mix of the two. This mix will allow us to not only ensure a beautiful Cane Corso for you, but also one who is smart and eager to learn.

We also take every advantage to raise a better, smarter, confident puppy. We do this by applying neurological stimulation to our puppies from day 3 thru 16. This process was developed by the military years ago and has spread to competition breeders and breeders that are breeding for service dogs. In this process you are stimulating the puppy's brain to handle different stressors. This stimulates the brain to accept, adapt, and overcome new stimuli in the outside world as they develop. Thus, making a more stable minded puppy who will easily adapt to new environments and therefore, respond and cope more easily with training, when in high distraction environments. This process is not dangerous at all to the puppy. It is simply holding the puppy in different positions for 3 to 5 seconds. If you would like to have more information about this process feel free to contact us. We love talking about our dogs and puppies.

We also like to ensure that you are getting a puppy that will fit into your home and lifestyle. To help us accomplish this we like to know what your home style is. We are not trying to pry into your personal home life, rather we try to find out if you are parents of a baseball player, and are going to several games a week and are wanting to have a team mascot. Or, are you the couple who goes on relaxing nature walks. Or the family who lives for all your rowdy friends to come over on game night. Each of these homes are equally great for a Cane Corso. With that being said, a dog who is more quiet and enjoys private cuddle time, would be a very sad dog with a family who has friends over regularly for game nights, and vise versa.

So, how do you match the puppy to a home environment you ask? It is done by watching the pup as it grows and by preforming a PUPPY APPTITUED TEST. Results from this test will let us know before the puppy goes to a new home what his base personality is. Keep in mind this is a base personality. A base personality test will tell us numerous things the puppy will or will not be able to cope with or train around. Basically, it will let us know if a pup has the ability to grow up to be a dog who needs a 2 mile hike to blow off energy, or a dog that is just fine laying in the yard while kids play next door.

We test every puppy to do our best to guide what puppies your home life is best suited for. So please tell us all your dreams and goals that you want to accomplish with your new family member so we can help you get the best of the best for YOU. This will also cut out so called bad dogs that get pushed away and ignored because they are in the wrong home environment.